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If someone in your family experiences a health issue requiring medical attention, don’t wait days, weeks or even hours to see a doctor. With Connect Your Wellness Telehealth, the doctor is always in – whether it’s the middle of the night, you’re on vacation or you live far from a medical facility.Connect Your Wellness provides you with rapid access to board-certified physicians, pediatricians and psychologists. Within minutes of your telehealth consultation request, you’ll be connected via telephone or video chat with a board-certified online doctor who will conduct a thorough symptom assessment, diagnose medical conditions, provide treatment plans and even write prescriptions if needed.

Connect Your Wellness provides the same level of healthcare you’d receive at the doctor’s office – without the full appointment books, waiting rooms and expensive co-pays. Enroll today to ensure that your family is always within minutes of high-quality, affordable healthcare.

With Connect Your Wellness,
the doctor is always in!

Pay only $29.99 per month for unlimited doctor consultations for your entire household. Stop waiting for medical attention and gain 24/7 access to a doctor’s care today.
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Why Choose Connect Your Wellness?

Benefits and Features:

Unlimited Online Doctor Visits

Your $29.99 monthly membership provides unlimited online doctor consultations for your entire household, with no hidden costs or added fees. Forget about racking up costly co-pay fees when you enroll with Connect Your Wellness.

24/7 Healthcare Access

When you need medical advice or answers to your questions, you don’t want to wait – you want help now. Our telehealth doctors are available around the clock so you can get first-rate healthcare immediately from the comfort of wherever you are.

Trusted Telehealth Doctors

Connect Your Wellness doctors are:

  • Board-certified and state-licensed
  • Specialists in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics
  • Backed by at least five years of experience
  • Credentialed every three years
  • Specially trained in providing telehealth services

Convenient Prescriptions

If needed, Connect Your Wellness doctors can write you a prescription during your consultation. They can even send the prescription to your preferred neighborhood pharmacy for your convenience.