About Connect Your Wellness Telehealth

What is Connect Your Wellness Telehealth?

Connect Your Wellness is your top source of affordable telehealth care – delivered precisely when and where you need it. For only $29.99 a month, your entire family receives unlimited consultations with board-certified doctors who can quickly assess health issues and offer expert medical advice.

You won’t have to interrupt your vacation, take time off from work or hire a babysitter to meet with a Connect Your Wellness online doctor. Simply choose whether the consultation takes place over a telephone call or through video chat on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our telehealth doctors are specially trained to assess symptoms, diagnose health issues, provide treatment recommendations and write prescriptions during telehealth consultations.

As a Connect Your Wellness member, not only will you sidestep waiting rooms and long waits for appointments, you’ll avoid the expensive co-pays encountered at doctor’s offices, urgent care centers and emergency rooms.

Once you experience the convenience and cost savings of Connect Your Wellness, you’ll realize that the future of healthcare is here and it is designed to fit your schedule and budget.

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Why Choose Connect Your Wellness?

Connect Your Wellness gives you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family have unlimited, round-the-clock access to medical attention. Our doctors are ready to address your family’s medical needs no matter how minor you fear the question is, or how often you need to consult with an online doctor.

Check out some of our key features and see why families across the U.S. choose Connect Your Wellness as their preferred telehealth provider.

Connect Your Wellness Key Features:

Expert Medical Advice

You want only the best healthcare for your family, and that’s exactly what we offer. Our 500 board-certified doctors have the extensive medical training and knowledge needed to effectively resolve your family’s health issues.


Your $29.99 monthly membership fee provides unlimited online doctor consultations for your entire household, with no hidden costs or added fees. Considering that the average visit to a primary care physician costs $165, your Connect Your Wellness membership can more than pay for itself after one telehealth consultation with our doctors.


Forget waiting days or weeks to visit with your doctor. Say goodbye to spending your valuable time in the germ-filled waiting rooms of urgent care centers or emergency rooms. Speak with an online doctor within minutes of your consultation request – all from your home, office or any other location.

Behavioral Health Services

Because your mental health is just as important as your physical health, Connect Your Wellness has licensed psychologists standing by to address your behavioral health needs.